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Dykarn Dykarn är inte uppkopplad
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Tar detta pa engelska (Bor i England och har inget svenskt keyboard)

Hey All,
Looking for a partners/contractors/person(s) to help develop a project with me, quick info about me and project below, please feel free to ask for clarification either here or via PM. (Svenska gar bra men skriver sjalv pa engelska)

A SAAS solution on AWS that facilitates brands and agencies to track all their digital outgoing marketing effort to get a better centralised view and in the future engage around these audiences (where privacy complaint etc)

Have already done some prototypes with a company in India that did not deliver the results I liked (php, Laravel Spark) main reason was more around the difference in WoW with me and the company (they where all good but had no experience with Ansible or TDD etc)

The SAAS solution would work under a freemium model.

Would like to develop this in a fully serer-less architecture on AWS utilising some of the core PAAS offerings (not fully architected yet) but key skills I would be looking for / think is needed is someone that is great with node.js, css, html etc as well as some sql and nosql experience.

This will be done as a side project for me as I have a full time business and would expect that the person(s) joining me with this would either study or have another income source as well.

I have some budget to support (some of the) cost for this and am interested in the right couple of people to join me under the right model (please send me some PM with what could work for you and would like to launch a MVP/RAT in Q1 next year

Some of my background is bellow but please feel free to pm or post here if you have questions.

PS I am mainly working in UK/Europe (outside Sweden) and US but can travel to Sweden when required

Some info about me (More examples exist but some relevant for this project is bellow)
- Qualifications
Cloud Solution Architect (AWS)
Business and Enterprise Architect (TOGAF)
Programme and Project manager (multiple different qualifications)
HTML, CSS, and a number of other smaller courses

- Experiences
* Various contracting roles for a number of global enterprises mainly focusing around data and digital solutions in the marketing enterprise.

* Set up, mobilised , resourced, product and and programme managed the global consumer data programme for one of the 5 largest advertisers in the world

* Managed a European digital transformation programme from inception to working in +20 countries in Europe supporting over 200 brands + platforms for a FTSE 100 company
* Proxy product owner for one of the CMS platforms supporting these brands

* Lead teams of multiple Si's and agencies

* Opened up a office in NYC for a UK SaaS
* Managed the project and solutions team for a SAAS in UK

Looking forward to connect with the right people
Damar Partnership Limited
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