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PHP-utvecklare sökes till Northfork

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Gammal 2018-04-04, 13:55 #1
Gastrofy Gastrofy är inte uppkopplad
Hej, jag är ny här.
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Gastrofy Gastrofy är inte uppkopplad
Hej, jag är ny här.
Reg.datum: Nov 2016
Inlägg: 1
Green Flag PHP-utvecklare sökes till Northfork

Backend Developer - PHP

We value expressive freedom at Northfork, that's why as a Developer you are a central part of our innovation process and a key factor in our growing success story.

Our development environment is focused on innovation and personal growth. We are a bunch of nerds turned Systems Engineers, Solution Architects and everything in-between.

Even the most experienced Developers in this position will have the opportunity to expand and improve their skill sets in many advanced areas of knowledge.

Key Skills
For this position we'd like you to have experience with modern OOP PHP, Testing (Unit, Integration, Automation) and an open mind.

This position focuses on creating and maintaining Web services that interact with a increasingly complex database and implements precise and maintainable business logic.

You will be part of a growing team, working in a fast paced environment. In your day-to-day, you will work alongside experienced Developers that love beautiful code.

Our platform aims to deliver the most technologically advanced food solution for our partners. We love Domain Driven Design, Agile and PHP 7.

We encourage all of our Developers to go outside of their comfort zone, try new languages, solutions, implementations.

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